This cat supplies list includes the best cat products of 2023.

Please don’t think you have to buy everything at once. Cats prefer routine anyway.

Make small changes when you can. And bookmark this page so you can come back to it.

I will continue to update this yearly!

This cat supplies list includes the best:

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Disclaimer: There are affiliate links below. Meaning, if you click through and make a purchase, I earn a commission on that sale. Updated on December 19, 2022.

Cat food brands

Moving forward, the only cat food brands I will talk about are those that make it on Susan Thixton’s list.

These brands have to provide documentation, verification, and certification proof that their products are indeed human-grade, raised humanely, non-GMO, etc.

I highly suggest buying this list every year!

Best wet cat food brands

There are many more on Susan’s list. But these are the ones I have personal experience with.

All are suitable for all life stages except where noted otherwise.

Raised Right

Dr. Karen Becker and Steve Brown formulated Raised Right. It has limited ingredients and very few synthetic supplements.

Buy Raised Right from their website. Use code PETS20 for 20% off your first box. NOTE: Raised Right is suitable for adult cats only.


Smalls wet food is also human-grade and offers more protein and texture variety than Raised Right.

Tell them about your cats and use code CATICLES for $5 off your first box. Note: Smalls fresh wet food is human-grade. Their freeze-dried raw food is feed-grade (currently awaiting more details from them on this).

Read my Smalls cat food review or watch the video below.

Just Food for Cats

Just Food for Cats has the least amount of variety among wet foods. But you may be able to find it locally at Petco.

This would be helpful if your cat is currently picky and eating fish-flavored foods.

Use this link to get 35% off your first autoship order. Just Food for Cats is suitable for adult cats only.

Watch the video below for my review.

Best complete raw cat food brands

There are freeze-dried and frozen raw options below. I do not have personal experience with them. However, they are on Susan’s list.

Quest Cat Food

Quest Cat Food has freeze-dried and frozen raw complete cat food. There are no synthetic supplements. Both options are in nugget form so that is very easy for beginners to portion and serve.

Buy Quest Cat Food from their website and use code JESSCATICLES for 20% off.

Viva Raw Complete

Viva Raw complete uses whole food ingredients and only 3 added supplements.

They have excellent protein variety, and this is a great option for beginners to raw.

I tested beef, chicken, and turkey with Jericho, and he loved all three!

Buy Viva Raw complete through my link and get 20% off your first order.

Darwin’s Natural Pet

Darwin’s frozen raw cat food uses mostly whole food ingredients. But there are a few synthetic supplements. You can do a subscription which would be helpful for busy cat parents.

Tell them about your cat to get 10 pounds of raw for just $14.95. Darwin’s also has a CKD diet (not eligible for new customer promotion).

Best homemade raw

Homemade raw is the best option since you have more control over the ingredients and how it’s made.

Please follow the instructions carefully. Supplements are not interchangeable.

Viva Raw Pure

Viva Raw currently also has pure blends to which you would add your own supplements. They have a good variety of proteins. And you can buy either chunked or ground.

Get 20% off Viva Raw with this link. Buy Alnutrin for meat and bone premix separately.

Read my Viva Raw review or watch the video below.

Hare Today

Hare Today has so many raw options! There are 19+ proteins in various textures. Frozen and freeze-dried grinds, whole chunks of meat, meaty bones, supplements, and more.

Create an account and earn discount points on your purchases.

Read my Hare Today review, PDF toolkit, or watch the video below. All three options include everything you need.

Feeding essentials

These feeding essentials are more sanitary than plastic. And they nurture your cat’s wild side.

Buying list on Amazon:

From Chewy:

Watch the video below for more details on these cat feeding supplies.

Want a clear, step-by-step plan to feed your cat better? Buy my Switch to Raw Blueprint Course to stay organized and fast-track your success!


Water is the most essential nutrient. Unfortunately, the water quality in the US is low.

It’s important to test your water’s quality to see which treatment option is best for you.

I use Tap Score test kits.

tap score advanced city water kit

They have test kits for all types of water:

Use code CATICLES to get $10 off your first $100+ purchase.

Best water treatment option I’ve found: AquaTru countertop RO glass carafe.

aquatru countertop carafe

Why AquaTru is the best:

  • 86/99 score
  • Perfect size for small apartments
  • Removes disinfection by-products
  • Creates the perfect pH for cat drinking water

Buy the Glass carafe model (10% off with that link). Or the Classic model (10% off plus a free 1-year filter pack with that link). Read my full AquaTru review.

Cat toys

The indoor version of hunting is playing. So all cats like to play. We just need the right toys!

I think the best cat toys are all on Etsy. But I’ve also included Amazon under this list and video.

Buy on Etsy:

Watch the video below to see Jericho in action with these toys.

Best cat toys on Amazon:

Read how to play with your cat, PDF toolkit, or watch the video below to get your lazy cat to play.

Enrichment furniture

Furniture should satisfy multiple enrichment needs. These needs include climbing, scratching, hunting, hiding, resting, and playing.

Try to buy furniture that checks as many boxes as possible.

Jericho’s favorites:

Read the PDF toolkit or watch the video below to see Jericho in action with these cat enrichment supplies.

Litter box setup

I’ve scooped hundreds of boxes working as a cat sitter. So I fine-tuned a cleaning routine and litter supplies setup.

Shop everything on Amazon (except Ripple Rug bottom only):

Ripple Rug bottom only is on their website.


Only Natural Pet:

Pets Warehouse:

Read how to keep litter area clean, PDF toolkit, or watch the video below.

Final thoughts on cat supplies list

This cat supplies list will help you provide the ultimate indoor cat happiness.

Don’t go crazy and buy everything all at once.

Cats prefer routine and don’t like sudden changes anyway!

Remember to bookmark this page because I will update it every year.