Raw feeding and homemade cat food FAQ

Yes! I have many blog posts on this website and videos on my YouTube channel. You can use the search bar on both to find what you need. Or you can buy my Switch to Raw Blueprint self-paced video course if you’re currently feeding dry/wet food and want to switch to commercial complete raw. My Homemade Cat Food Starter Kit is for you if you’re currently feeding 100% commercial complete raw and want to switch to a homemade raw diet.

How much you feed your cat depends on your cat’s individual needs and the food that you are feeding. Please visit how much to feed a cat for more details.

All cats are picky about food changes. Especially when they are eating dry food. You will have to eliminate dry food and gradually switch to better quality food. My Switch to Raw Blueprint gives you everything you need.

The best cat food brands use human-grade quality ingredients and focus on as many whole foods as possible. Please see best cat food brands. This page is updated yearly.

The best and most cost-effective cat food is a complete homemade raw meaty bones diet. Please read cost of homemade cat food.

Slowly transition to better quality food (wet or raw) and then gradually reduce the amount you feed your cat. Please go through my cat weight loss program.

A raw diet is the best way to mimic what our Creator YAHUAH intended for our cats. However, we need to use special guidance with special needs cats. Please read IBD, CKD, FLUTD, and diabetes.

A raw diet is best for cats because it’s the best way to mimic what our Creator YAHUAH gave our cats for food. Please go through my resources page for studies, research papers, surveys, and more.

Use a complete recipe provided by a nutritionist and gradually introduce the new diet. My Homemade Cat Food Starter Kit includes a plan, recipes, meal prep videos, and more.

No. All of my recipes (sold separately and inside Homemade Cat Food Starter Kit video course) are for healthy adult cats only.