How to make homemade cat food

cat eating homemade raw diet jess caticles

Self-paced video course

Learn how to go from commercial raw to a homemade diet.

Ideal for you if:

  • You’re looking for the best and most cost-effective way to feed your cat.
  • You want to feed your cat a variety of whole foods including raw meaty bones, muscle meats, and organs.
  • You’re 100% confident that a homemade raw diet is the best diet for your cat.
  • You value nutrients that come from whole food ingredients, and you want to minimize synthetic supplements.
  • You’re currently feeding commercial raw, but you know homemade is the best option to take complete control over your cat’s diet.

The self-paced video course will include everything you need to get started on homemade. Including complete recipes for adult cats!

I will include raw meaty bone recipes, raw boneless recipes, and cooked recipes.

I’m currently building the course with founding members. The course will be completed in July 2024. 

You can enter to win complimentary access by filling out this form. I will email the winner on March 4.

If you purchase now, you’ll get a special discount presale price of just $50! Price will increase to $100 in July 2024.

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