Scripture verse luqas 2:14

My mission is to help cat parents give their cats a thriving life through fun enrichment and species-appropriate raw diets.

jess and jericho caticles

Hey friends! I’m Jess and that’s my boss Jericho.

It is a Blessing that you are here! HalleluYAH!

I believe that a species-appropriate raw diet has the power to nourish our cats from the inside out and help us strengthen our bond.

Feeding our cats should be fulfilling, nourishing, and fun. But, unfortunately, that’s not the case most of the time.

Have you ever wondered why our cats are getting the same diseases as us? Why doesn’t this exist in the wild? Does it really make sense to feed our cats dry, overly processed cereal?

Every meal…

every day…

for weeks…

and months…


Most commercial cat food is the opposite of what our cats would eat in the wild.

That’s where we come in…

jess and jericho

In 2017, I took control of Jericho’s diet. I stopped relying on other people, learned how to actually read labels, and switched Jericho to a raw diet.

I’m passionate about helping cats thrive in their territory and helping cat parents discover new things that bring them happiness and fulfillment.

My Faith in יהוה and switching Jericho to a homemade raw meaty bones diet helped me achieve this. And I want to share that with others.

My 7 core values

I believe that the world could use more dedicated cat parents striving for Faith and happiness by taking control of their lives.

Because it’s not just about switching to raw. It’s about switching to raw and exploring how this diet empowers you and helps you create a more fulfilling life for you and your cat.

No more relying on someone else to tell you what to feed YOUR cat!

digital scrapbook picture of all cats in my life

You see, I’ve learned the hard way over and over again with so many cats.

Whiskas had a stroke. Chelsea had diabetes. Lucky had cancer (only 8 when we put her down). Cocoa died suddenly at age 10 from dehydration. Milo’s liver shut down. Silky died of CKD. And Hemi was only 3.5 years old when we put him down for kidney failure.

In 2017, I started working as a cat sitter with hundreds of cats. And I realized it wasn’t just my cats suffering from these issues.

What was the common theme? They all ate kibble.

That pushed me to take control of Jericho’s diet. And in December 2019, I started my online business with this website!

I truly enjoyed cat sitting. But I wanted to help cat parents outside my local area.

We lost Hemi a few months later in 2020. And that was the push I needed to further my education and training to become a Clinical Pet Nutritionist.

I have the following certifications:

  • Natural Animal Nutrition from The College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies
  • Clinical Pet Nutritionist from The Academy of Natural Health Sciences

And I continue to invest in my nutrition education so that I can help more cat parents!

jess caticles pet food certificates civt academy of natural health sciences

Charlie, Gracie, Ash, and Griffen are still alive and well living with my mom. They eat a combination of lightly cooked wet food and raw.

And, yours truly, Jericho eats a whole prey and raw meaty bones homemade diet.

I certainly don’t know everything.

But I believe if we feed a diet as close as possible to what our Creator made for our cats…

We can make our cats much happier and more fulfilled.

cat eating homemade raw cat food

How I plan to help you give your cat a thriving life

  1. Continue my education in the nutrition space because there is always more to learn and room to grow
  2. Provide value here on my website, YouTube, and my Mewsletter to build trust with you and make sure we’re the right fit
  3. Create courses for distraction-free learning to give you everything you need all in one place

Ready to give your cat a thriving life?

I have 3 self-paced video courses that take you on a very specific thriving cat journey.

  1. Cat Care Foundations + Binder
  2. Switch to Raw Blueprint
  3. Homemade Cat Food Starter Kit

Cat Care Foundations + Binder helps you establish fun routines, a clean litter box, enrichment, and a strong foundation for your cat’s happiness.

Switch to Raw Blueprint helps you go from dry/canned processed food to 100% commercial raw/lightly cooked fresh food.

Homemade Cat Food Starter Kit helps you go from 100% commercial raw/lightly cooked fresh food to a homemade diet.

You get lifetime access to all content and future updates. Truly a one-stop resource that you can use over and over with all of the very special cats in your life!

If you know you need all 3, you can bundle and save 40% with the Thriving Cats Bundle!