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Natural cat care solutions through enrichment and healthy raw diets

I’m a YAHUAH-driven Clinical Pet Nutritionist who can help you go from commercial food to a homemade raw diet so your cat can get everything – healthier weight, better teeth, and more mental stimulation.

“Thanks to you Jess, my 14 yr old Booger lost a couple of pounds when I transitioned them to raw, he and Lucy Girl. They love VIVARAW!! Booger became playful again and their coats are beautiful and glossy.”
barbara and booger
Booger and Lucy
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Feeling frustrated dealing with a picky cat?

Are you confident that raw is best for your cat but unsure how to make the switch? You’ve already tried everything and nothing worked.

So how do you convince your cat to eat raw? You don’t. You follow a plan that actually works so your cat starts to love raw without even realizing it.

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Stop wasting time trying to switch your cat to raw by yourself

❌ Feeling stressed and overwhelmed and don’t know where to start

❌ Frustrated that your cat won’t eat the new food no matter what

❌ Being in a bad mood instead of having fun with your cat

❌ Upset that your cat is overweight no matter what special diet you try

❌ Fed up with the pet food industry and the garbage they put in the food

jess and jericho

70% of pet parents agree that obesity is caused by poor feeding choices.

I’m Clinical Pet Nutritionist Jess, and that’s my boss Jericho. We’re here to help. 

My passion is helping cat parents like you experience the joy and relief of feeding a homemade raw meaty bones diet.

After 20+ years of serving felines, I know what works and what doesn’t. I’ve worked with hundreds of cats, tested dozens of products, fine-tuned a transition plan that works with your cat, and formulated carnivore-appropriate recipes that you’ll both love.

“Tomas is finally eating raw food. Thank you jesscaticles & Jericho <3 For your eBook and videos it really helped a lot! It took a while for us to make the transition! Thank you for helping me improve our routine, stay calm and have more fun time with Tomas as he started trusting his food.”
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V and Tomas

Give your cat a thriving life through enrichment and a healthy raw diet

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Cat care binder bundle

PURRfect for you: You're feeling overwhelmed keeping up with all of your cat's care needs. Your cat isn't interested in playing, the litter box is always messy no matter what you do, and you're sick of buying cat stuff just to find out your cat likes the boxes more. All of these Cat Care Foundations are essential before you switch your cat's food. Click the button below to get started.

charlie cat eating raw food jess caticles

Switch your cat to raw video course

PURRfect for you: Your cat's territory is full of enrichment, fun routines, and your bond is stronger than ever. But you're struggling to get your cat to eat better. You're currently feeding dry and/or wet food. And you need a clear plan to switch to raw. Switching to 100% commercial raw is essential before feeding a homemade diet. Click the button below to get started.

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Homemade cat food video course

PURRfect for you: You finally got rid of all dry and wet food in your cat's diet. Your cat is currently eating 100% commercial raw. You want to feed homemade, but you're afraid of messing it up. You want to make sure your cat gets everything he needs.  Click the button below to get started.

“The transition from dry to wet is going easier than we expected. Jess provides you with a wealth of information to make the transition so much smoother and easier to track. It may seem tough at first but hang in there, your fur babies will luv you even more for it!”
two cats
Hammie and Squirt
cats eating raw food

Jericho and my mom’s four cats (pictured above) are my product testers. I’ve helped them and hundreds of other cats confidently and eagerly switch to a raw diet.

Learn how to switch your cat to a homemade raw meaty bones diet easily, safely, and confidently

cat eating homemade raw food

Cats eating raw have a healthier weight

A homemade raw meaty bones diet helps prevent obesity because your cat is well-nourished and not overfed.

cat eating homemade raw diet

Chewing on raw meaty bones provides mental stimulation

Chewing on raw meaty bones works the face muscles and provides mental stimulation and enrichment that keeps your cat happy and prevents boredom.

homemade raw meaty bones cat food

Have complete control over the quality and cost of your cat's food

Take complete control over your cat's diet. Feel the relief of knowing exactly where the ingredients come from and how it's made.

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