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Single cat happiness and homemade raw cat food with Jess and Jericho


Give your single cat a thriving life through fun enrichment and a species-appropriate raw diet. 

Getting another cat isn’t always the best option.

But that doesn’t mean your single cat can’t be happy.

I’ve learned a lot from cats in my personal life (12 aside from Jericho) and my professional life (working with 205+ as a cat sitter and 563+ in my online business).

And I’ve fine-tuned the best enrichment and feeding routines based on what our cats prefer and deserve.

You’re here because you want your cat to have a fun, enriching, and nourishing life with you ⤵️

You just need some help getting there. That’s where we come in!

jess and jericho caticles

Hello my friend! It's Jess and my boss Jericho

I’ve lived with multiple cats growing up. And many of my cat sitting clients had multiple cats (one client had 10 cats in a one-bedroom apartment!).

I adopted Jericho as a single cat. And that’s the way I like it!

I want to dedicate 100% to Jericho. And give him a thriving life with the absolute best of everything.

The best cat enrichment, lots of playtime, and a species-appropriate diet.

The relief and freedom I feel plus the mental stimulation benefits of chewing on raw meaty bones for Jericho has given us a stronger bond. Stronger than I’ve felt with any other cat in my life!

And it’s my mission to help you achieve the same for your and your cat.

It is an honor and a Blessing from יהוה that I get to do this work!

Give your single cat a thriving life with my self-paced video courses

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Step 1: Cat Care Binder

PURRfect for you: You want the absolute best cat supplies in your home. You value natural cat products and the importance of a routine for your single cat's happiness. This foundation is essential before switching your cat's food.

Step 2: Switch Your Cat to Raw Blueprint

PURRfect for you: You're currently feeding dry and/or wet food. And you need a clear plan to switch to raw. Switching to 100% commercial raw is essential before feeding a homemade diet.

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Step 3: Homemade Cat Food Starter Kit

PURRfect for you: You finally got rid of all dry and wet food in your cat's diet. Your cat is currently eating 100% commercial raw. You're ready to take complete control over your cat's diet with homemade.

Learn how to switch your cat to a homemade raw diet easily, safely, and confidently

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Cats eating raw have a healthier weight

A homemade raw meaty bones diet helps prevent obesity because your cat is well-nourished and not overfed.

cat eating homemade raw cat food

Chewing on raw meaty bones provides mental stimulation

Chewing on raw meaty bones works the face muscles and provides mental stimulation and enrichment that keeps your cat happy and prevents boredom.

homemade raw cat food diet jess caticles

Have complete control over the quality and cost of your cat's food

Take complete control over your cat's diet. Feel the relief of knowing exactly where the ingredients come from and how it's made.

Amazing results lovely cat parents see with my products...

Vanesa improved her routine and has more fun time with Tomas!

tomas and vanesa switch to raw testimonial "thank you jess and jericho for your ebook and videos it really helped a lot! it took a while for us to make this transition! thank you for helping me improve our routine, stay calm and have more fun time with Tomas as he started trusting his food."

Booger is 14! He lost weight, became more playful, and now his coat is beautiful and glossy after switching to raw.

barbara booger lucy switch to raw testimonial "Thanks to you Jess, my 14 yr old Booger lost a couple of pounds when I transitioned them to raw, he and Lucy Girl. They love VIVARAW!! Booger became playful again and their coats are beautiful and glossy."

Pamela wants Ruger to have a happy, thriving life. So she switched to raw using my plan that works!

pamela and ruger switch to raw testimonial

Diane’s kitty is so healthy and happy after switching to raw!

diane raw testimonial

Sandra feels her bond with Avery and Dirk is stronger now than it’s ever been before because she knows they are getting the best.

sandra dirk avery switch to raw testimonial

Brando and CoCoNuts no longer have severe health problems they started having prior to finding us!

coconuts and brando switch to raw testimonial

Fresh food restored Dawna’s clowder from health issues ⤵️

dawna's cats

“Jess breaks it down into small steps and takes out the intimidation factor out of making your own cat food. It is money well-spent to get someone to help you troubleshoot problems, walk you through the process and cheer you on every step of the way.” – Dawna and her clowder

Ready to give your cat a thriving life?

I’ve served 564 cat parents since I started this business in December 2019. It would be an honor to make you 565!

My Thriving Cat Bundle gives you everything from start to finish:
  1. Cat Care Binders to create fun routines for a stronger bond
  2. Switch to Raw Blueprint to go from dry/wet food to commercial raw
  3. Homemade Cat Food Starter Kit to feed homemade raw safely and confidently


Start with the Cat Care Binder if you need help setting up your cat’s territory, litter box routines, and how to play. Next, Switch to Raw Blueprint will help you go from dry/wet to 100% commercial raw diet. Once your cat is eating 100% commercial raw and you’re ready to make homemade cat food use my Homemade Cat Food Starter Kit. If you know you need all 3 courses, you can save 40% when you bundle them here.

All cats are cautious (not picky) about food changes. Especially when they are eating dry food. You will have to eliminate dry food and gradually switch to better quality food. My Switch to Raw Blueprint gives you everything you need.

Slowly transition to better quality food (wet or raw) and then gradually reduce the amount you feed your cat. Although you may notice your cat loses weight naturally on a fresher, high moisture diet. My Switch to Raw Blueprint includes a step-by-step transition plan and cat weight loss plan.

Use a complete recipe provided by a nutritionist and gradually introduce the new diet. My Homemade Cat Food Starter Kit includes complete recipes for adult cats, a step-by-step plan, shopping tips, and meal prep videos. I’m a Clinical Pet Nutritionist, and I use Animal Diet Formulator to formulate recipes.

Videos by Jess + Jericho Caticles

Get an effective shortcut to give your cat everything to have a thriving life indoors!

No more spending time trying to piece it together yourself. I will hand deliver (by email) everything you need in the Thriving Cat Bundle!