Welcome brothers and sisters!

This page is dedicated to my journey with YHWH. I am sharing it because my life has gotten tremendously better since waking up (100% awake).

TLDR: My Faith is very new to me. I am now 100% awake as of December 2021. I think of my Faith this way… I felt like I had all the puzzle pieces together. Good relationships, fulfilling work, complete control over my time, and I spent a lot of time outside. But the Creator of that puzzle was missing from my life. There is no “life puzzle” without our Creator.

No, I cannot prove YAH with science. I can only prove YAH with my personal experience.

But first, I’m sure you have questions.

For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because you have rejected the Word of Yahuah, he has also rejected you from being king.


Please keep this verse in mind when reading this page…

Watch this if you don’t feel like reading (:

Who is YHWH?

YHWH comes from the Hebrew Sacred name of The Most High. Our Heavenly Creator’s name is יהוה or Yod Hey Vav Hey or YHWH.

Why not GOD, JESUS, LORD, etc.?

Some people are very dogmatic about names. And I understand why. Commandments 1-3 are all about praising our Creator and His Name. And no one else.

I try not to get too aggressive about it though. Because the other half of the commandments are about loving our neighbors.

Names are important, of course. But if we are arguing and killing over a name then we’ve completely missed the point.

But basically…

The words god and lord are more like titles and not names. It’s like saying, “Hey, person” instead of saying, “Hey, Jess”.

Additionally, the words god and lord are used to describe false deities. Going back to the commandments, our Creator probably doesn’t want to be lumped in with false deities.

These two videos are very helpful and break down the name our Creator gives Mosheh in Exodus 3:14.

I especially like that he says it’s more about encompassing our Creator’s character, who He is, what He represents, etc. Not just His name.

Hebrew is much different than English. And we have to look at Scripture from a Hebrew mindset.

Also, this documentary will challenge your view on the name Jesus.

So you’re super religious now?

I do not follow organized religion. No church. No fake holidays. Just a personal relationship with YHWH.

Follow Scripture and try my best to walk as Yahusha HaMashiach (His Son, our Messiah) walked.

What do I mean by fake holidays? Watch this video.

How can you believe in someone that science disproves when your cat nutrition business is based on science?

You’re right. I have to use science to teach how to feed our cats better. People want analytical proof. And our understanding of nutrition is based on science.

Honestly, I think our intricate lives prove the existence of a Creator. There are too many patterns to call it a coincidence or random.

I believe in YHWH even though science aims to prove otherwise because of my personal experience.

Let me explain.

My personal experience

With cats…

I’ve had 8 cats in my personal life that all died from serious health-related issues.

Cancer, diabetes, heart stroke, CKD (3 of them), dehydration, and simple surgery gone wrong.

What was the common theme? They all ate dry food.

In 2017, I started working with cats professionally. Within 3 years I worked with over 400 cats.

Many of those cats had special needs. Insulin, fluids, pills. A lot of those cats were also overweight or obese.

What was the common theme? They all ate dry food.

This and Pet Fooled sparked my interest in nutrition and AAFCO labeling.

I found out that commercial cat food is not what it seems.

The labels read “natural” and “promotes health”.

Actually, the exact opposite.

Highly processed, full of carbs, food waste from grocery stores, leftovers from the human food industry.

Even dead animals from animal shelters are allowed in pet food as long as those ingredients are rendered.

At this point, I am 50% awake – awake only to the evil in this world.

With work…

I did what I was supposed to do. Went to college. Got the internship after college. Worked my way up to the next “big job” and climbed the corporate ladder.

6 years later working at a corporate company most would see as a great accomplishment.

But I was miserable.

That last job left me depressed. And I do not use that term lightly.

I felt I was doing all this for nothing. Filled with anxiety, anger, fear, worry, doubt.

Student loan debt never goes away. Living for the weekends. Sick to my stomach from dreading work on Monday.

Is this all that life has to offer?

However, it was a blessing in disguise (in two ways) because it was the push I needed to go into pet care. The second blessing is discussed below.

I got a job in pet care as a cat sitter and dog walker. Finally, my dream job!

But I still wasn’t 100% happy.

Annoyed my boss texted me on my days off. Snippy with people on the bus and train. Complaining about clients that didn’t clean the litter box.

So I started my online business.

The second blessing in disguise: my past work experience gave me the foundation I needed to start my online business.

It’s very beautiful how it all came together. Praise YAH!

I already knew WordPress, SEO, creating content, social media marketing.

Pet care gave me experience with hundreds of cats and pushed me to become a nutritionist.

Now I finally have my dream job! But actually, not quite there yet.

I was still impatient with people and Jericho (jumping on the counters). Snippy and rude responding to negative YouTube comments.

Frustrated and enraged when things would pile up. Something as simple as the laundry room being full would ruin my day.

I tried meditating, journaling, spending time outside, eating right, crystals. I had my dream job!

But still 50% awake – awake only to the evil in the world.

With YHWH…

My original religious experience was only in my childhood.

My brothers and I stayed with my grandma on weekends. She went to church so we went to church.

We stopped going to church after she passed away. I was about 16 when she passed.

After that, my family still celebrated man-made holidays. But that was it when it came to religion.

I actually believed for most of my life that there was no Heavenly Creator.

But Praise YAH, my best friend brought me to His Light in December 2021.

She told me she believed. And we had a long conversation about it (8 hours!).

We’ve been friends since ~2009. And we see the world the same way.

I wanted to understand what changed her mind.

So I started praying using the Sacred names YHWH and Yahusha (His Son).

Guess what?

No more rage. No more frustration. No more impatience.

That fear, anxiety, worry, and doubt were replaced with wisdom, love, kindness, and patience.

No more heart-racing rude snippy replies to YouTube comments.

No more frustration piling up when things don’t work out.

No more getting angry at Jericho for jumping on the counters.

100% awake – awake to evil but also awake to good. HalleluYAH!

Praying to YAH is helping Jericho’s teeth.

Unfortunately, I did not brush Jericho’s teeth. So plaque and tartar accumulated over the years.

I’ve been trying to fix this for about 1.5 years.

Before YAH, spending lots of money on various products. Moving on to the next product because I had constant worry and doubt that nothing would help.

Again, lots of fear, negativity, impatience, doubt.

So I prayed for wisdom and patience.

Suddenly, I thought “I need to look back on pictures and notes to see when Jericho’s teeth looked the best” – wisdom.

I started reusing products that I used in the past. Products I stopped too short because I was too impatient.

I trusted in YAH, that these products would work, and stopped worrying about it – patience.

A few weeks later, plaque and tartar chipped off Jericho’s teeth! Twice!

And guess what?

Both times the tartar chipped off were on Saturday – Shabbath.

Is it a coincidence? Luck? Hard work?

No. I believe in YHWH. I prayed for help, and I got it.

Jericho’s teeth and gums still need a lot of work. And I still need a lot of work.

Update: I have been on a long journey since I originally wrote this page. I’m very grateful for everything I’m learning and experiencing. I will update this page when Jericho’s teeth and gums are completely healed.

It’s a strange feeling that I went from not believing in anything at all to fully believing in YHWH. I’m not going to lie.

But now I have a better outlook on life (100% awake). Now I have love, compassion, understanding, kindness, and patience.

This complete change in my mood, actions, and thoughts is all the proof that I need. HalleluYAH!

YAH also saved my life!

I’m adding this section in 2023. I was at the ocean and got caught in a tide current. I was struggling for a long time to get back to the shore.

It got to the point where I was about to panic, and I thought I need to ask for help.

Who better to ask for help? I said YAH please I need your help.

The next wave brought me in closer. Thank you Father you are saving my life.

The next wave brought me in closer and closer. And soon I was at the shore again.

Ask and ye shall receive!

Where do you start with YHWH?

As I mentioned, I am very new to The Truth.

So I will point you to some resources…

  1. The ultimate deception video
  2. Read Scripture for yourself
  3. Scripture studies
  4. Covenant Calendar Classroom

The ultimate deception video

This video proves that we all need proper Faith.

Reading Scripture

Get straight to the source and read Scripture. Always test everything with Scripture (especially Torah).

I use the free Cepher app right now. Simply because they use Sacred names.

Scripture studies

I did two Scripture studies for the group I mention below (CCC). Plus one video on how to mark the shadow to count YAH’s Covenant Calendar days.

  1. Red light therapy YAH’s healing light
  2. Clean and unclean animals YAH’s food for us
  3. How to mark the shadow

These studies were really fun and interesting to put together. And I learned a lot!

Covenant Calendar Classroom

The Covenant Calendar Classroom is an amazing resource YAH brought me to. If you thought my research was in-depth… woo! Their videos are heavily researched.

Their teachings and meetings may be too advanced. But they are very helpful.

Start with their quick 2-page guide on days, months, and years. Just hit the download button – no email is required. Then check out their dawn day start videos that go much deeper on this topic.

CCC also has a weekly Zoom meeting that I’ve been attending. I’m learning a lot from them!

Giving to brothers and sisters in need

I have to throw this in here because it’s important. I had a massive wake-up call.

One member of CCC who does a lot of work around the world said, “If you can go into your refrigerator and prepare a meal for yourself, you are wealthy.”

I’ve never gone a day without food unless I choose to fast. And I definitely don’t do this enough!

So I started to donate monthly to help brothers and sisters around the world.

The Fig Tree Generation helps people in Africa. And Winning Pakistan helps families in Pakistan. Both founders are active members of CCC.

I am still learning and growing. Taking it one step at a time.

But I have to share since I have seen such a wonderful improvement in my personal life.

Even if some of you disagree with me and completely disregard my cat nutrition information and stop following my business altogether.

Even if only one person reads this and starts praying to YHWH.

It’s worth it. Praise YAH!