Switch to Raw Blueprint self-paced video course

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This self-paced video course will help you go from dry/wet processed food to a commercially complete raw diet

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Frequently asked questions

You’ll get instant access to the course right after payment is confirmed. You’ll receive an email with a link to create a login for the video course.

You get lifetime access to the course and all future updates!

The videos range in length from 5-20 minutes long. The course includes a 4-month plan. But please know that some cats may need longer than this. Remember, we are working with our cats. You need to take as long as your cat needs.

Yes! The blueprint is specifically formulated for picky cats because ALL cats are picky about food changes. Follow the plan and work with your cat. You will feed your cat better.

No! I’ve heard from multiple cat parents whose senior cats benefited from switching to raw.

At the end of the day, you are responsible for your cat. You make the decisions. Not your vet. I also provide resources for you to find an integrative vet who is at least open to the idea of raw feeding.

Bacteria contamination is a risk regardless of the type of food that you feed (yes, even dry food is at risk). It all comes down to how you source and handle the food. I provide raw feeding safety tips for you in the course!

No. Homemade cat food is a separate course. This course will help you switch from dry/wet to 100% raw commercial food.

No. This is an instant access digital product. Please read through this page and the FAQs before you purchase this course. Only buy this course if you are 100% committed to switching to raw.

There is a private form where you can submit a question included in the course.

Are you ready to give your cat a thriving life with a raw diet? Join us in Switch to Raw Blueprint!