Hare Today manufactures natural cat food products that are hormone and antibiotic-free and humanely raised and handled.

hare today ground raw beef

There are cat food options for raw beginners and advanced raw feeders.

Hare Today cat food options:

  • 15+ protein options
  • Whole prey
  • Raw meaty bones
  • Whole chunks of meat
  • Pregrinds (frozen raw and freeze-dried)
  • Treats
  • Supplements
  • Excellent rewards program
  • US only

I’ve been a paying customer since 2019, and I’m always happy with their products and services.

Note: Products are sold and shipped by Hare Today. This page contains referral links through which I earn a discount.

Hare Today for beginners

Hare Today frozen pregrind meats are a great next step if your cat is already eating wet or freeze-dried raw cat food.

These grinds follow the 80/10/10 ratio to which you would add your own supplements.

Hare Today sells supplements: Alnutrin for meat and bone and fish oil to complete the diet.

I’d suggest trying Hare Today’s freeze-dried raw cat food if your cat is eating kibble. Sprinkle a small amount of freeze-dried raw on top of your cat’s dry food.

Gradually add more and more raw each day and gradually take out equal parts kibble. Then slowly rehydrate the freeze-dried raw food with water.

Create an account and earn discount points on your purchases with Hare Today.

hare today ground duck quail

Check out my homemade cat food guide for complete instructions.

Hare Today for advanced raw feeders

You can use Hare Today’s raw food ratio calculator to develop a PMR recipe.

Choose “cat” from the animal dropdown menu. The graph will adjust to recommended PMR guidelines for cats.

Choose different Hare Today products, and the results will adjust. You can adjust the weight to get an appropriate balance.

Create an account and earn discount points on your purchases with Hare Today.

Hare Today rewards program

I highly suggest creating an account with Hare Today.

You will earn discount points for:

  • Every $1 you spend
  • Writing reviews on products
  • Uploading a picture of your cat eating Hare Today food
  • Writing a testimonial
  • Signing up for their newsletter (they only send 1-2 emails/year and usually contain a discount code)
  • Sharing your referral link with friends and family

These discount points come in handy. I typically get free shipping because of it.

One time I saved $102 on Jericho’s raw food from these rewards points!

Hare Today shipping requirements

Hare Today uses UPS and Fed-Ex. They only ship to the US (excluding Washington).

There is a 10-pound minimum requirement to order frozen products. And there is an extra $5 ice pack charge if your box is less than 30 pounds or shipping is longer than 3 days.

Non-frozen items ship with a $7.99 flat rate.

Create an account and earn discount points on your purchases with Hare Today.