Viva Raw uses human-grade quality and humanely raised meats for their blends. Everything is packed in a USDA kitchen.

Why you’ll love Viva Raw:

  • Complete recipes for beginners
  • Pure blends for homemade feeders
  • 6 protein choices for even more variety
  • Packed in small batches in USDA kitchens
  • Same excellent quality meat that stocks Whole Foods and restaurants
  • Pure blends require supplements and makes homemade cat food easy

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viva raw complete food for cats

Viva Raw has complete food and pure blends for homemade food.

What’s the difference?

Complete food is complete and balanced as is for adult cats and kittens. Do not add supplements.

Pure blends are base mixes for homemade food that include meats, bones, and organs that require supplements.

Click the links below to go to each:

Complete food

Viva Raw’s Complete food is complete and balanced for all life stages.

This is the cleanest complete commercial raw food you will find!

viva raw complete for cats

Viva uses whole foods to complete the food. There are only three added supplements!

The fish oil powder is a combination of anchovy, salmon, and mackerel. All of which are wild-caught. Straight from the owner, Zach.

Jericho tested beef, turkey, and chicken proteins. He loved all three! Watch below:

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Click on the nutrition tab, and you’ll see that it is complete and balanced for all life stages. That means seniors, adult cats, and kittens can all eat this food.

My mom’s 4 cats tested duck and rabbit. They all dug in right away! Watch below:

Pure blends

Viva Raw’s Pure blends are great for cat parents who want an easier approach to homemade raw.

Their Pure blends include meats, bones, and organs to which you would add supplements. There is a recipe for a DIY premix and an all-in-one premix option below.

Viva raw alnutrin

I used Viva Raw’s variety pack along with Alnutrin for meat and bone supplements to make homemade cat food for my mom’s 4 cats.

All 4 of them loved it! They licked the mixing bowl, the packages, and their plates clean.

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viva raw duck

DIY supplement completer recipe

This DIY supplement recipe from Viva Raw is formulated specifically for their recipes and their nutritional profiles.

For every 1 lb of Viva Raw Pure, add:

Note: Viva Raw updated their packs. Each pack is 1 pound.

viva raw

Alnutrin for meat and bone supplement premix

Purchase Alnutrin for meat and bone from their website.

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Watch the video below to see how to make it and my mom’s 4 cats taste test it.

best raw cat food whole food nutrition for cats jess caticles