My AquaTru review is based on using Tap Score’s advanced city water test kit.

The AquaTru countertop carafe reverse osmosis machine is perfect for me because I live in an apartment and cannot make any structural plumbing changes.

I really like the AquaTru countertop carafe because it’s easy to use and it removes disinfection by-products.

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AquaTru review: 3rd party lab test results

I used Tap Score’s advanced city water test kits to test my unfiltered tap NYC water and AquaTru reverse osmosis water.

My unfiltered tap water got a 77/99 score. This is higher than the US and NY average. But it still exceeded health benchmarks for nasty disinfection by-products.

These by-products can cause harm to our kidneys, liver, and immune system.

Additionally, my tap water pH is too alkaline for cats.

tap score reviews results benchmarks

But the AquaTru reverse osmosis water got a much better score!

aquatru tap score results

Test results from the AquaTru countertop carafe:

  • 86/99 overall score
  • 99/99 health score
  • Removes disinfection by-products

You can view the test results for each here:

AquaTru water filter

I purchased the AquaTru countertop glass carafe model.

The filters include:

  • Precarbon filter
  • VOC carbon filter
  • Reverse osmosis filter

Filters are easy to install – just pop them in. And they send you a tool to remove them when it’s time to replace the filters.

aquatru water filters

The precarbon filter lasts 6 months, VOC lasts 1 year, and the RO filter lasts 2 years.

My brother works in water sanitation and installs RO for both residential and commercial. He suggested (based on my city water) replacing the VOC filter every 6 months instead of every year.

There is a lot of sediment in city water. So he said replacing this filter more frequently can help the RO last longer.

How to use AquaTru carafe model

The AquaTru carafe model is very easy to use.

Fill the back reservoir with water until it reaches just below the handle. Return the reservoir and glass carafe to the machine and plug it in.

The RO machine will start automatically. It takes about 10 minutes to filter the water. And the glass carafe holds 64 ounces of water.

I use an additional extra tall glass container to make a few batches of water every day.

Remove and empty the carafe first. Then dump the excess water from the reservoir, refill it, and return that to the machine to restart it.

The display panel will tell you when it’s purifying, when it’s done purifying, and when to replace the filters.

AquaTru suggests handwashing all parts at least once a week.

aquatru countertop carafe

AquaTru complaints

There is a bit of excess water after it’s been filtered. So you will waste some water. But this is typical with RO machines and not specific to AquaTru.

I’ve noticed that some water drips out of the spout that fills the glass carafe when I’m done using it. However, this doesn’t last long. Put a small glass jar under it to catch the drops.

I do not have a model that includes an app. I prefer the glass carafe model.

Is AquaTru worth it?

AquaTru is definitely worth it if you want clean water but can’t install an under-sink reverse osmosis filter.

It’s perfect for me because I live in an apartment. I can’t make any structural plumbing changes, and I don’t have a lot of countertop space.

Additionally, it does exactly what I needed it to do. It produces clean drinking water for me and my cat.

AquaTru review final thoughts

AquaTru reverse osmosis water got a very high score with Tap Score. It removes disinfection by-products, and it’s very easy to use.

It’s important to test your water quality before deciding which water treatment is right for you. I highly recommend using Tap Score kits (use code CATICLES for $10 off your first $100+ order).

I really like the AquaTru reverse osmosis countertop carafe. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, it’s easy to use, the water tastes very clean, and the 3rd party lab results are excellent.

Buy the Glass carafe model (10% off with that link). Or the Classic model (10% off plus a free 1-year filter pack with that link). Get the cleanest water you’ve ever tasted!