A raw cat food calculator will tell you how much to feed your cat and how much it costs.

One of the most common comments I get is “I get it but raw is expensive” or “I get it but not everyone can afford to feed raw”.

I’m here to show you how much to feed, the costs, and how you can afford it.

In this guide we’ll discuss:

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hare today raw cat food calculator

Best raw cat food calculator

Hare Today’s “Raw Food Feeding Calculator” is my favorite raw cat food calculator.

  • Put in animal’s weight
  • Choose feeding percentage
  • Amount to feed per day is automatically calculated

Hare Today added a new section to this page in February 2021.

The section below is “Budget Calculator”.

hare today budget calculator

This section will calculate how much you’d spend per day, per week, and per month on your cat’s raw diet. Based on the weight and percentage you put in above.

  • Choose meat, bones, and organs grind
  • Select fish oil supplement
  • Choose nutritional supplement

Fish oil and nutritional supplements are necessary to make the meal complete and balanced.

Here are a few example costs based on feeding a 10-pound cat at 3%:

  • Beef = $59.97 per month
  • Chicken = $49.17 per month
  • Duck = $64.47
  • Turkey = $52.77

These costs are calculated using 5-pound chubs. To offer a variety of proteins, you may pay a bit more by buying 1- or 2-pound chubs instead.

Additionally, you will have to keep shipping in mind.

Shipping is calculated based on how much you order and where you live.

I typically spend around $32 for about 2 months’ worth of food.

I pay for the 2-day express shipping so my order arrives frozen.

Hare Today also has a “Raw Food Ratio Calculator”. This helps you calculate how much meat, bones, and organs to feed. Please only use this calculator if you have a properly balanced homemade cat food recipe.

hare today cat food supplies

Discount points

Some raw pet food suppliers offer discount points and perks.

Hare Today, for example, has an excellent rewards program. Earn discount points when you:

  • Purchase raw food (including when you use gift cards)
  • Sign up for the newsletter
  • Write a product review
  • Upload a picture of your cat for their slideshow
  • Refer friends and family
  • Like their page on Facebook
  • Write a testimonial
  • Put a link on your website

These points add up and typically give me free shipping! Use my PDF guide for instructions to make homemade cat food with Hare Today.

Raw Feeding Miami also has a rewards program. Use this link to get 10% off your first purchase.

Get 20% off Viva Raw Pure Blends for homemade cat food. Use my Viva Raw page for instructions and meal prep tips.

Viva Raw also has complete cat food!

Watch this video for more ways to save money on your cat’s food

Average cost of raw diet vs average spendings

We’ll just go with the average cost of feeding raw.

These meats, nutritional supplements, and shipping would be about $2.50/day or $75/month.

Maybe $75/month is more than what you’re currently spending on your cat’s food.

Let’s put this into perspective. 

The average American spends:

  • $92/month on coffee
  • $244-313/month on appearance
  • $44-400/month on alcohol
  • $70/month on soda

I just did a simple Google search “average spending per month on…”.

This is equal to $450-875/month.

What I spend:

  • $4-5/month on herbal tea that I make at home
  • $70/month on appearance
  • $0/month on alcohol
  • $0/month on soda

Compared to the average American, I’m saving about $444/month!

Based on $75/month on raw, that’s equal to almost 6 months of raw food!

Spendings on appearance

I’ve been cutting my hair since about 2008. It’s really easy! Here’s my DIY home haircut guide.

This is not to put you down about how you spend your money. And I’m certainly not telling you how to spend your money.

Just providing personal examples of how I can afford to feed Jericho a raw diet.

best products for blind cats wand toys
My beloved Hemi who ate kibble only died at age 3.5 years from kidney failure

Costs of common health issues in cats

If you still think that $75/month is too expensive for cat food I’d like to invite you to think about this a little differently…

When you say “that’s too expensive”, you’re thinking about short-term savings instead of long-term savings.

Holistic vets attribute all of the serious health issues that we’re dealing with primarily to poor-quality food.

We are what we eat.

High carbohydrate food (kibble and most canned foods) promotes hunger and weight gain in cats.

Overweight cats are at a higher risk for:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Respiratory issues
  • Skin issues
  • Joint problems
  • Kidney disease
  • Cancer
  • Shortened lives

First and foremost.. shortened lives?!

Isn’t it worth it to spend a little more each month so your cat can be in your life longer?

Average costs of treating health problems:

  • Diabetes = $20-30/month
  • Heart disease = $300-600 on cardiac evaluations
  • Respiratory issues = $189
  • Cancer = $1,959
  • Chronic kidney disease = $633

These average costs are based on my personal and professional experience.

Medications may not be too expensive. But you’re likely to have multiple medications.

Most cats don’t like pilling or injections. So there’s stress added on for both of you.

Health issues mean more frequent vet visits, diagnostic testing, monitoring, and medications. AKA more stress for both of you.

Additionally, your vet may also put your cat on a prescription diet. These products are typically more expensive than generic kibbles you get at the grocery store.

And quite frankly, vet-recommended cat food is garbage.

So you may end up spending the same amount anyway.

Isn’t it worth it to spend more money now on better quality food?

cat eating raw diet clean from plate

Final thoughts on raw cat food calculator

The best raw cat food calculator is on Hare Today.

You are likely to spend around $75/month on raw food for one 10-pound cat.

Don’t get scared by this cost.

Think of it more as an investment in your cat’s health.

Many holistic vets say that poor quality nutrition causes common health problems in cats.

Need help feeding your picky cat better? My switch your cat to raw course is for you!