Keeping your cat’s teeth healthy is important for overall health.

Periodontal disease is common among 70-80% of cats.

Dental disease doesn’t only affect the mouth.

Bacteria travel from the mouth throughout the body.

This can lead to serious ill-health.

So let’s keep your cat’s teeth healthy!

Best natural cat dental care for healthy cat teeth:

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1. Coconut oil and kelp DIY cat toothpaste

Coconut oil contains natural antioxidants, and it’s antibacterial.

Kelp helps soften plaque and tartar. This makes it easier to scrape off.

Most cats love the taste of coconut oil because it’s rich in fatty acids. You’ll have no problems rubbing this on your cat’s teeth.

Many cat dental care products contain kelp and other seaweed species.

You can DIY cat toothpaste easily with just these two ingredients. Use a small dab of coconut oil and a tiny pinch of kelp.

Add a very small pinch of kelp to your cat’s food if you’re unable to rub your cat’s teeth.

Buy coconut oil and kelp from Amazon. That kelp brand comes with a small scoop. Use a very small amount. Not even 1/4 of a scoop.

Try PlaqueOff (also a seaweed product) if you feel more comfortable using a vet-recommended product.

Buy PlaqueOff on Chewy, Amazon, and Only Natural Pet.

2. Rub sterile gauze on cat teeth to clean

It may be difficult to get your adult cat used to a toothbrush.

However, sterile gauze is less intrusive and easy to wrap around your finger.

diy cat toothpaste on sterile gauze
My DIY cat toothpaste on sterile gauze

Sterile gauze has a slight abrasiveness that can help prevent tartar and plaque buildup.

Make sure the box says sterile. Not all gauze is sterile.

You can rub sterile gauze on its own or rub it with the DIY cat toothpaste above.

Buy sterile gauze at your local pharmacy so you can make sure the box says sterile.

3. Raw meaty bones keep cat teeth healthy

Raw meaty bones are YAHUAH’s natural-made toothbrush.

They act like sandpaper against your cat’s teeth. And the cartilage and soft tissue act like floss.

Never offer cooked bones to your cat. They can splinter and cause serious harm.

Raw bones, however, are completely safe as long as you offer smaller bones from a chicken or rabbit. Whole prey quail bones are soft enough for cats to eat.

Chicken bones include feet, wings, and necks. Avoid weight-bearing bones that are too large to break.

Gizzards require a lot of chewing too if you’re not ready to give whole bones. But there are so many benefits of raw meaty bones – more than just natural dental cleanings.

Buy raw meaty bones and gizzards from Hare Today. Create an account and earn discount points.

I buy Jericho’s whole prey from Raw Feeding Miami (get 10% off with that link).

Note: Raw meaty bones should be part of your cat’s properly balanced raw diet. Bones should only make up 7-10% of your cat’s diet.

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Cat teeth dental chart

cat dental chart premolars molars canines incisors

How can I tell if my cat’s teeth are healthy?

Healthy cat teeth are white, and the gums are a light pink color. If you notice redness, swelling, or bleeding, your cat’s teeth are not healthy. Some dental issues arise with or without plaque and tartar.

Should I clean my cat’s teeth?

You should clean your cat’s teeth because dental disease does not only affect the mouth. Periodontal disease is very common and affects 70-80% of cats by the age of three. Cleaning your cat’s teeth regularly will help prevent disease in the mouth and throughout the body.

How can I improve my cat’s dental health?

You can improve your cat’s dental health with daily cleaning. Plaque and tartar form quickly so daily dental cleaning is necessary. Avoid high-carbohydrate foods because this leaves a starchy residue on your cat’s teeth. Many holistic veterinarians recommend a properly balanced BARF diet for cats instead.

Do kibble and dental treats clean teeth?

Kibble and dental treats do not clean teeth. Both products contain high amounts of carbohydrates. Amylase breaks down carbohydrates. Cats cannot produce amylase in their mouth. Therefore, high-carbohydrate food leaves a starchy residue on cat teeth.

Final thoughts on healthy cat teeth

Keeping your cat’s teeth healthy is important for your cat’s overall health.

Bacteria in the mouth travels throughout the body and can cause serious problems.

Use natural products. Dry foods and dental treats do the opposite of clean your cat’s teeth.

And remember, daily maintenance is necessary to keep your cat’s teeth clean and healthy.

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