The benefits of raw bones for cats include biologically-appropriate nutrition in the proper ratios, natural dental cleaning, mental stimulation, and it can prevent obesity and behavior problems.

This benefits both the cat and the cat servant tremendously.

raw rabbit bone for cat

I’ve been raw feeding Jericho since 2018. But I spent too much time feeding ground mush. I finally started PMR with raw meaty bones in 2022. I wish I started sooner!

Jericho has eaten all kinds of raw meaty bones. Raw bones helped clear up the plaque on his teeth. And bones keep them clean!

Here’s what I’ll answer in this raw meaty bones guide:

Are raw bones good for cats?

Yes, raw meaty bones are good for cats because they are an excellent and natural source of calcium and other essential minerals that cats need in the proper ratios.

We use raw meaty bones as part of an 80 10 10 (slightly modified for cats) diet.

Natural phosphorus vs synthetic phosphorus

Natural, organic phosphorus from raw meaty bones is far safer and more nutritious for cats compared to phosphate (the inorganic, synthetic version).

A study among cats showed that phosphates are much more bioavailable and therefore easier to overdo.

The study found that cats who ate inorganic phosphate in excess over long periods developed renal issues.

Cat parents need to know this!

Most commercial foods including “prescription” diets often include phosphates. Even the dry “oral care” food!

dry oral care food label phosphates
This “oral care” dry food has 4 phosphates!

The study also shows that natural phosphorus from meat is not as bioavailable. And is safe when fed at proper calcium to phosphorus ratios.

Raw meaty bones are the perfect match for this!

Feeding raw meaty bones can prevent obesity

A survey from The Frontiers of Veterinary Science concluded that feeding raw meaty bones can help prevent obesity in cats.

Chewing and gnawing on raw meaty bones slows down the time the cat eats. And this prevents the owners from overfeeding their cats.

Additionally, cats get much more mental stimulation and enrichment from chewing on raw meaty bones.

Mental stimulation and enrichment can also prevent obesity.

cat eating raw chicken neck
Jericho nommin on a raw chicken neck

Outdoor cats get tons of mental stimulation and enrichment from hunting.

They have to plan, chase, catch, and kill. And they are rewarded for their hard work with a delicious, nutritious meal.

But indoor cats do not hunt.

So we, as cat servants, must provide mental stimulation and enrichment to keep our cats happy indoors.

This can also strengthen our bond!

Benefits of raw bones for cats

The benefits of raw bones for cats include better teeth, more mental stimulation, high-quality nutrition, and it can prevent obesity.

Don’t you love YAHUAH’s intelligent design? No more fighting to brush your cat’s teeth!

YAH gave us natural toothbrushes that our cats just so happen to love chewing.

One of the biggest benefits of feeding raw bones to Jericho has been better teeth. Unfortunately, I took too long to introduce raw bones to his diet.

However, I was still able to knock off plaque and tartar from his molar just with diet alone!

cat teeth before and after raw meaty bones
Before and after back in 2022

Jericho’s left teeth haven’t accumulated plaque and tartar since adding raw meaty bones.

His gums are also looking pinker and healthier!

clean cat teeth after eating raw meaty bones
Jericho’s teeth in 2023

I’m still working on his right side!

The average cost of a cat dental exam and cleaning is $100-400. But it could cost thousands depending on what else the vet recommends.

We also have to consider the side effects of anesthesia and how to support our cat’s liver before and after.

Not to mention the stress and worry you and your cat feel going to the vet for this procedure.

Plus, the lower cost of homemade cat food will help you save more too!

What kind of raw bones are safe for cats?

The safest bones for cats are small, non-weight-bearing, raw meaty bones.

Never feed large bones, bones without meat, or cooked bones to your cat.

We have to think about what cats eat in their natural, YAH-created environment: whole prey.

raw feeding miami whole prey quail

Mice, small birds, rats, voles, small rabbits, squirrels, etc.

Whole prey are small and typically only weigh around 1-3 ounces. So we need to do our best to match this.

Jericho has eaten chicken necks, duck necks, chicken wings, rabbit bones, and chicken feet. He eats whole prey quail every week. And occasional goose chicks.

Cornish game hens are also small enough to feed to cats.

cat grabbing rabbit raw meaty bone
Jericho “helps” me portion his food every week

Final thoughts on raw meaty bones for cats

There are so many benefits to feeding raw meaty bones to cats.

Raw meaty bones provide proper nutrition, mental stimulation, can prevent obesity, clean the teeth naturally, and we can strengthen our bond.

My favorite benefit is the natural teeth cleaning. What a relief!

But of course, we have to make sure we’re feeding the right raw meaty bones as part of a complete raw diet.

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