Supplementing kibble with raw is better than no raw at all!

You can improve your cat’s kibble with raw and other whole food supplements to offer more nutrition.

If your only options are wet food or kibble, wet food wins.

Simply because wet food has an appropriate moisture content.

The ultimate goal to supplement kibble is to add more moisture and good quality nutrition.

If you still need to feed kibble, here are the best ways to supplement with raw:

Note: cats are sensitive to dietary changes. Please transition cat food slowly.

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Also, nothing I say is medical advice. All photos are of my cats.

Supplement kibble with balanced raw food

raw cat food

Some people say you cannot mix kibble with raw.

But at the end of the day, every cat is an individual.

And some raw is better than no raw.

How to supplement kibble with raw:

  • Buy a properly balanced raw cat food
  • Mix a very tiny amount of raw with kibble
  • Add more raw gradually
  • Add as much raw as your cat allows (as long as raw is complete and balanced)
  • Remove equal parts kibble

My top pick for frozen raw is Darwin’s raw cat food.

And my top pick for freeze-dried raw is Quest cat food. Use code JESSCATICLES for 20% off.

Both options are complete and balanced.

Check best raw cat food brands and freeze-dried raw cat food reviews for more options.

If raw doesn’t work for you, you can still upgrade kibble with wet food.

Check out best cheap wet cat food or high protein low carb wet cat food.

Start off slowly!

All cats are sensitive to food changes.

And most cats (especially dry-fed cats) are very picky about new food.

Start off with a kibble-sized amount of raw and mix it very well.

This is a very tiny amount that your cat probably won’t even notice.

Gradually add slightly more raw each day.

Remember to remove equal parts kibble. Otherwise, your cat will consume extra calories and likely gain weight.

Add fresh cat food toppers from the store

Adding fresh food from the store can be a cheaper option to supplement kibble with raw.

You can buy whole cuts of boneless meat to supplement your cat’s kibble.

Best places to buy meat:

  • Grocery store
  • Local farm
  • Farmers market
  • Specialty meat shops
  • Butcher shops

It’s important to buy whole cuts of meat and not pre-ground meat.

Pre-ground meat sits under store lights already thawed in the deli case with a clear wrapper.

This can cause surface bacteria to grow. And you cannot wash off this bacteria since it’s pre-ground.

However, whole cuts of meat are easier to clean off. Chewing chunks of meat is also great for mental stimulation.

Best types of animal-based toppers:

  • Thigh
  • Heart
  • Breast
  • Gizzards
  • Liver
  • Egg

Thigh and heart will be higher in taurine because these muscles work harder than breast. But breast meat is still a great option for variety.

Liver also provides taurine and many other nutrients. However, too much liver may cause digestive issues because it is very rich.

Gizzards are very tough and require lots of chewing. This is great for mental stimulation!

Adding eggs to kibble

Eggs are very rich in nutrients as well.

It’s important to feed either the yolk only. Or feed both the yolk and the whites.

Raw egg whites contain avidin which can destroy biotin. But cooking the egg whites destroys avidin.

So you may want to cook the eggs over-easy. Cooking the eggs over-easy will help preserve the fragile fatty acids in the yolk.

You wouldn’t feed the entire egg to your cat (more on this below). So make some breakfast for yourself and share it with your cat.

How much fresh toppers to add to kibble

The general rule for fresh food toppers is to add 10-15% of your cat’s total daily intake.

For example, let’s say your cat eats 4 ounces of food daily. You would add up to half an ounce of fresh food toppers to your cat’s kibble.

Start off slowly because cats are very sensitive to food changes.

Again, remember to remove equal parts kibble so you are not overfeeding your cat.

The bulk of this 10-15% should be muscle meat (thigh, heart, breast, gizzards).

Liver and eggs are very rich. And your cat’s food (hopefully) already contains liver. So you don’t want to overdo it.

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Buy cat food toppers and supplements online

Most cat food toppers online are either freeze-dried or dehydrated.

Technically, they are not fresh and raw. But they are still nutritious.

Cat food toppers online include:

  • Raw goat milk (powder or liquid)
  • Bone broth (powder or liquid)
  • Raw green tripe
  • Freeze-dried raw boosters

Where to buy cat food toppers

You can buy cat food toppers from many different places online.

Buy cat food toppers on Amazon:

Buy cat food toppers on Chewy:
cat eating green tripe
Jericho eating fresh raw green tripe

Raw green tripe is another powerhouse of nutrients.

Do not feed white tripe from the grocery store!

It’s bleached and scalded. And offers no nutritional value.

Instead, buy raw green tripe from a cat food supplier.

I buy frozen green tripe from Hare Today.

Upgrade your cat’s treats with freeze-dried raw meat and organs

Most crunchy “dental” treats are filled with the same low-quality ingredients as kibble.

Instead, you can feed freeze-dried or dehydrated meats and organs as treats.

healthy cat treats
Freeze-dried minnows, chicken liver, and lamb

Where to buy healthy cat treats

The same brands that sell cat food toppers also sell healthy treats.

On Amazon:

Use code save10 for 10% off Dr. Becker’s Bites.

Treats should not make up more than 10% of your cat’s total daily intake.

These healthy treats can help your cat get used to eating better-quality ingredients.

And this will make the transition to new food much easier.

Check out cat food reviews if you would like to improve the actual kibble and/or feed some wet food.

Not sure if raw is right for you? Check out my BARF diet for cats guide next!

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