Freeze dried cat food is great if you’re not ready for frozen raw food.

This guide features my reviews of the most popular freeze dried raw cat food brands.

I’ve given these ratings based on AAFCO labeling requirements and nutritional analysis.

The ratings are in descending order.

ALL freeze-dried foods on this page are suitable for adult cats and kittens.

Here are the reviews and ratings for freeze dried cat food:

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Also, nothing I say is medical advice. Please transition cat food slowly!

Nature’s Kitchen Chicken Freeze Dried

Nature’s Kitchen is made in the UK. And I’ve been told it’s available in Indian markets.

Finally a great option for my friends that live outside the US!

I love that the product is of 90% meat-based origin. Yes, there are technically inappropriate ingredients like sweet potatoes.

But they actually tell you the carbohydrate amount on the guaranteed analysis.

It’s only 6% on a dry matter basis.

So that confirms that the meat ingredients are the bulk of the product.

There are no synthetic supplements, either. So those veggie ingredients are there to help fill in nutritional gaps.

Buy Nature’s Kitchen freeze dried cat food (their website).

Purpose Freeze Dried Carnivore Duck

Purpose is the first and only cat food I’ve seen that fits the 95% AAFCO product name rule.

That means at least 95% of this product is duck.

However, I took off half a point because there is a decent amount of synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Purpose Freeze Dried Carnivore Duck gets a 19.5/20 rating!

Buy Purpose freeze dried (US only):

For my CA friends, their food is not available on Amazon. But you can buy Purpose freeze dried treats.

Feline Natural Beef and Hoki Feast

feline natural freeze-dried raw cat food
My mother’s 4 cats enjoy Feline Natural

Feline Natural has a great line of freeze dried and wet cat food.

All of Feline Natural’s products have meat-only named ingredients in the product name.

However, I took off half a point for the handful of synthetic vitamins and minerals included.

Feline Natural Beef and Hoki Feast gets a 19.5/20 rating!

Buy Feline Natural freeze dried:

Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Turkey Dinner Patties

Vital Essentials VitalCat line has freeze dried food and treats.

Their food and treats have specific sources of meat ingredients.

However, I would like to see more meat ingredients rather than added nutrients.

Vital Essentials freeze dried Turkey Dinner Patties gets a 19/20 rating! 

Buy Vital Essentials freeze dried:

Vital Essentials isn’t available on Amazon UK, but you can buy VitalCat freeze dried minnows.

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Primal Freeze Dried Nuggets Rabbit Formula

primal raw freeze dried nuggets cat food bag

Primal has freeze dried raw as well as frozen raw foods.

I took off a couple of points because I’d like to see more meat ingredients and fewer carbohydrate sources.

Primal gets an 18.5/20 rating!

Buy Primal freeze dried raw:

Northwest Naturals Rabbit Recipe

Northwest Naturals has a variety of protein options for cats.

I’d like to see more meat ingredients though!

Northwest Naturals gets an 18.5/20 rating!

Buy Northwest Naturals freeze dried raw:

New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co. Freeze Dried Duck Recipe

NZ Natural has air-dried, freeze dried raw, and healthy treats for cats.

The meat ingredients are great. However, I had to take points off for salt, synthetic vitamins and minerals, and honey.

Manuka honey has great benefits, but technically, cats don’t need sugar.

NZ Natural gets a 17.5/20 rating!

Buy NZ Natural freeze dried raw:

Nulo Freestyle Freeze Dried Chicken Recipe

Nulo Freestyle has a variety of cat foods available.

This rating is for their freeze dried raw foods only.

I’m glad they include whole sources of food. But the carbohydrate load is too high.

Nulo Freestyle freeze dried raw gets a 17/20 rating!

Buy Nulo Freestyle freeze dried raw:

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Chicken Dinner Morsels

Stella & Chewy’s has a fair amount of variety for cats.

However, I’d like to see more meat ingredients rather than relying on many synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Stella & Chewy’s gets a 17/20 rating!

Buy Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried raw:

Instinct Freeze Dried Chicken Recipe

Instinct is another brand that makes foods other than freeze dried raw.

Again, this rating is for freeze dried raw only.

They include specific sources of meat.

But it seems they rely on carbohydrate sources and synthetic vitamins and minerals for the bulk of the nutrition.

Instinct freeze dried raw gets a 17/20 rating!

Buy Instinct freeze dried raw (US only):

All of these choices are much better than most cat food brands!

You’ll have to decide which one is right for your cat.

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