Cat nutrition consultation online

Book an online consultation with a Clinical Pet Nutritionist who can provide a detailed review of your cat’s current diet, make personal recommendations, and give you a clear plan to switch your cat from dry/wet food to a raw diet.

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Included in the consultation:

  • Detailed review of your cat’s diet history, feeding routines, and current diet
  • Personal review of up to 2 additional cat food products
  • Online consultation for up to 45 minutes
  • Written summary of our consultation, review of cat food products, and personal recommendations
  • Access to Switch Your Cat to Raw Blueprint video course

This cat nutrition consultation is for 1 cat.

  • Kitten or adult cat who does not have special needs
  • Overweight or obese cats

Please note that I do not recommend the feeding of dry food to any cat. No exceptions.

This cat nutrition consultation is for cat parents who want to go from feeding dry/wet food to a 100% raw food diet.

I only accept 4 clients per month.

You can join the waitlist below after reading through the FAQs.


No. This consultation includes instructions to switch from dry/wet to a commercially available raw food diet. A customized recipe is a separate consultation that I do not offer at the moment.

No. You will receive 1 email from me that includes a written summary of our consultation, review of products, recommendations, and access to the Switch Your Cat to Raw Blueprint video course. The video course includes all the support you need.

Yes. Many cat parents have said to me, “I tried everything and nothing worked… Until I actually followed your plan.” All cats are picky about changes. Especially when they eat dry food. The video course included in this consultation will give you everything you need to successfully switch your cat to a raw diet. 

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