The best dry cat food doesn’t exist. Cats rely on food for moisture. And dry food is only 10% moisture.

The average cat eating dry food only would have to drink more than 8 ounces of water every day. Just to stay hydrated.

But some of you need a better quality dry before switching to wet or raw. So that’s what this page is about.

Premium is a totally unregulated term in feed law… Premium pet food doesn’t have special requirements that differ from any other pet food.


Keep that in mind. Don’t buy into those “premium” marketing gimmicks.

These are the best human-grade quality dry cat food brands:

These are the only dry cat food brands that made it on Susan Thixton’s 2023 list.

Important: Transition cat food slowly.

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1. Open Farm

Open Farm sells dry, wet, and freeze-dried raw cat food.

Dry food breakdown:

  • Product name: Turkey and Chicken Recipe
  • Recipe rule = 25-94.9% turkey and chicken combined
  • Carb amount = approx 32% on a dry matter basis
  • Meat ingredients = turkey, chicken, ocean whitefish meal, herring meal, ocean menhaden fish meal
  • Other ingredients = chickpeas, red lentils, coconut oil, green lentils, pumpkin, dried chicory root extract, apples, salt, dandelion greens, turmeric, dried yucca, rosemary extract, and the rest are synthetic supplements

Keep in mind that carbohydrates are necessary for dry food. That’s what holds the kibble shape during cooking.

However, carbohydrates are not essential and are even detrimental to cats.

But some of you need better quality dry food before switching to wet or raw.

Buy Open Farm on Amazon – adult and kitten.

2. Bixbi

Bixbi also creates dry, wet, and freeze-dried raw cat food.

Dry food breakdown:

  • Product name: Chicken Recipe
  • Recipe rule = 25% minimum chicken
  • Carb amount = approx 32% on a dry matter basis
  • Meat ingredients = chicken, egg, natural chicken flavor, chicken fat
  • Other ingredients = red lentils, whole yellow peas, salt, alfalfa meal, dandelion, inulin, salmon oil, yucca extract, and the rest are vitamins and minerals (most of which are synthetic)

Note: their ingredients are human-grade, however, the manufacturing is not to human standards. Additionally, their supplements are of feed-grade quality.

Use their dry food to help your cat get used to eating human-grade quality ingredients. Then transition to their wet or raw food.

Or transition to another brand from my best cat food brands list. I think there are better wet and raw options.

Buy Bixbi dry food on Amazon – adult and kitten.

Final thoughts on dry cat food

I don’t recommend dry cat food because cats can’t survive and thrive eating dry food only.

Simply because cats rely on food for moisture. And dry food only provides about 6% of the cat’s daily water needs.

Use these dry cat food brands to help get your cat adjusted to better quality ingredients.

That will make the transition to wet or raw much easier.

But if your only options are between wet or dry, WET FOOD WINS.

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