Isn’t it so frustrating that cat food labels don’t list the carbohydrate amount? We shouldn’t have to use a carb calculator to figure this out.

After all, carbs are not necessary in our cat’s diet. And, unfortunately, most cat foods average 30% carbs on a dry matter basis! This is way too high for cats and can trigger overeating and cause obesity.

Now imagine you had a handy dandy calculator that helped you cut through the BS on the cat food label. What if you could find food that’s actually appropriate for your cat?

Instead of being overweight and lazy, your cat has more energy and is more playful. No more worrying about potential diabetes because your cat is at an ideal, healthy weight.

Well, I created a carb calculator for cat food so you can evaluate your cat’s current food and find an appropriate new diet.

How to use the carb calculator for cat food

Use the guaranteed analysis numbers on the cat food label and the carb calculator below. Plug in the numbers you see on your cat’s food label.

The carb amount including moisture and dry matter basis will calculate automatically.

Here’s the formula to calculate carbs in cat food:

  • 100 – protein % – fat % – fiber % – ash % – moisture % = carb % including moisture
  • 100 – moisture % = dry matter (DM) of food
  • (carb % incl moisture / DM of food) * 100 = carb amount on a dry matter basis

You can use this same formula to compare protein and fat between dry and wet foods.

These numbers are approximate

This gives you the approximate carb amount. It is an approximate amount because GA values are listed as minimums and maximums.

For example, the GA is not guaranteeing the product is 8% protein. It guarantees that the minimum amount of protein is 8%. It could be higher.

That’s why you may see negative values at the end.

cat eating homemade raw cat food

Dry matter conversion

Dry matter conversion is necessary because wet and dry foods have very different moisture content. So we must remove moisture to compare cat foods properly.

For example, dry food’s protein content may be 25%. Wet food’s protein may be 8%. Dry seems to have higher protein at first glance.

But when you convert to a dry matter basis…

Dry protein = 27%

Wet protein = 40%

This is why converting to a dry matter basis is so important.

How much carbohydrates should cat food have?

The cat’s natural diet would consist of approximately 4.4% carbs on a dry matter basis. This comes from the stomach contents of prey since cats eat mainly herbivores.

Anything above 10% would be too high for cats. Ideally, you would have lower than that. So that completely rules out all dry food.

Why are carbs bad for cats?

Carbs are bad for cats because they are not essential to the cat’s diet. Isn’t it interesting that the organizations AAFCO, NRC, and FEDIAF do not list a minimum requirement for carbohydrates? That proves cats do not need them!

Cats must get their nutrition from animal protein and fat. Carbs break down into sugar.

And sugar promotes hunger, weight gain, and obesity-related health issues. Obese cats are at higher risk for very serious health-related issues including shortened lives.

So now you can see that all dry foods and most wet canned foods are too high in carbohydrates. Therefore, these foods are not appropriate for our cats.

But what are we supposed to feed them? What is the healthiest low-carb diet for cats? Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

jess and jericho caticles

I’m Jess, that’s my boss Jericho. And I’ve been where you are.

I understand the frustration you feel trying to find the healthiest cat food. Half the time you need a magnifying glass to see the ingredients!

That’s exactly why I started my business and created the Switch to Raw Blueprint course.

I’ve learned the hard way over and over again with my cats growing up eating dry food. Diabetes, stroke, dehydration, CKD, liver failure, and shortened lives. I’m here to help you switch your cat to a raw diet safely and confidently.

Ready to make the switch to a species-appropriate raw diet?

Benefits cat parents report after switching to raw

cat eating homemade raw cat food

Cats get more energy and become more playful

Playing is the indoor version of hunting. And it’s extremely beneficial for our cat’s mental stimulation and overall happiness.

cat eating homemade raw food

No more starving your cat

Overweight and obese cats lose weight naturally switching to a species-appropriate raw diet. No more special diets or cutting back on food.

ash cat eating homemade raw cat food jess caticles

Relief that your cat is getting the best

No more worrying about your cat not getting proper nutrients. Raw diets are full of natural nutrients that nourish our cats from the inside out.

What other cat parents are saying about Switch to Raw Blueprint course

kibble addicted cats switch to raw sandra case study

“I love how easy the templates made everything for me.”

“Both Dirk and Avery are getting healthier, have increased energy, are more playful and happy. Dirk, my older cat lost weight and is now at a healthy weight! He looks and feels so much better! I love how easy the templates made everything for me.”

Sandra, Dirk, Avery 😻😻😻😻😻

barbara and booger

“My 14 yr old lost a couple of pounds and became playful again”

“Thanks to you Jess, my 14 yr old Booger lost a couple of pounds when I transitioned them to raw, he and Lucy Girl. They love VIVARAW!! Booger became playful again and their coats are beautiful and glossy.”

Barbara, Booger, Lucy 😻😻😻😻😻

tomas v raw cat food testimonial picture

“Thank you for helping me improve our routine and have more fun time with Tomas”

β€œTomas is finally eating raw food. Thank you jesscaticles & Jericho <3 For your eBook and videos it really helped a lot! It took a while for us to make the transition! Thank you for helping me improve our routine, stay calm and have more fun time with Tomas as he started trusting his food.”

V and Tomas 😻😻😻😻😻

How Switch to Raw Blueprint course works

Step 1: Buy Switch to Raw Blueprint

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Step 2: Follow the transition plan

Every week is planned out for you to take away the stress and guesswork. I’ve done all the planning so you don’t have to!

Step 3: Your cat is finally eating raw

Now you can relax and sigh a big sigh of relief that your cat is finally eating a species-appropriate raw diet.

Here’s what’s included in Switch to Raw Blueprint course

βœ… Instant access so you can get started today

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