This Just Food for Cats review features my nutritional analysis and my mother’s 4 cats testing the food.

My mother purchased Just Food for Cats in person at Petco. And I introduced the food to her 4 cats when I visited them.

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Just Food for Cats review

TLDR: All 4 of my mother’s cats like Just Food. I recommend Just Food for Cats if your adult cat is picky about eating new wet foods. Just Food contains fish which can help the transition go smoothly. However, I do not recommend relying on only Just Food for Cats long-term. Unless they make more cat food protein options!

Just Food for Cats is available on their website, Chewy, and in person at Petco.

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Pros of Just Food for Cats:

  • “Recipe” means between 25-95% fish and chicken combined
  • Specifically-named meat ingredients
  • Includes heart and liver
  • Made with human-grade ingredients

The product name is “Fish and Chicken Recipe” which means it will contain more fish and chicken compared to a product called “with Fish and Chicken” or “Fish and Chicken Flavor“.

Check out my guide on cat food labels if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

just food for cats package

I like that Just Food for Cats is specific about the protein and the cut of meat.

For example, they list “chicken thighs, chicken hearts, chicken livers” ingredients. Rather than “poultry by-products” or just “chicken“.

Do you see the difference?

It’s very important to know which animal and which part the cat food company is using.

If a cat food company just lists “poultry by-products” that means they have no idea which animal (could be turkey, chicken, goose, duck, pheasant, ostrich, etc.) or which parts (could be anything and potentially 4D dead, diseased, dying, disabled) are in their cat food.

And how can you feel comfortable feeding it to your cat if the company doesn’t even know which animal and which parts they are using?

just food for cats compared to wet canned food

Just Food for Cats, however, uses specifically-named human-grade ingredients. Which means it’s the same quality that you and I get at the grocery store.

You can even visit one of their open kitchens and watch them make the cat food.

Cons of Just Food for Cats:

  • Too much fish
  • 19% carbs
  • Lots of synthetic nutrients
  • Suitable for adults only (no kittens)

Fish is a con for cats because they form an addiction to it. This can cause very picky eating habits. And most cat parents already deal with this.

However, you can use this to your advantage.

Just Food for Cats may be a good transition food if your cat is addicted to fish.

This will help your cat get used to eating better quality ingredients. And that will make the transition to other good-quality wet foods and/or raw cat food much easier.

just food for cats label

19% carbs are higher than the cat’s natural diet. However, I have seen higher than that in many commercial wet cat foods.

I would prefer cat food with minimal synthetic nutrients (ideally none). However, this is unavoidable with cooked cat foods.

Just Food for Cats only has one option at the moment: fish and chicken recipe. I hope they make more protein options without fish because variety is key.

Additionally, Just Food is only suitable for adult cats. So you cannot feed this food to your kitten.

cats eating just food for cats

Final thoughts on Just Food for Cats

Just Food for Cats is definitely a huge step up from all types of dry food and most wet canned foods.

They use specifically-named human-grade meat ingredients. And this can be a great transition food if your cat is picky about switching from kibble to wet or raw.

Just be mindful that Just Food for Cats is only suitable for adult cats.

Buy Just Food for Cats on their website (35% off first autoship order), Chewy, or in person at Petco.