A DIY cat scratching post made with carpet can add to your modern cat aesthetic.

Cats love scratching carpet, and it’s much softer than sisal.

Sisal scratchers tend to be messy as it frays.

Upcycle your messy and frayed scratching post with carpet for a cleaner look. Your cat will love it!

Let’s get into it:

  1. Materials needed
  2. Instructions
  3. Get your cat to use it

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old scratching post with sisal rope
Upcycled DIY Cat Scratching Post with Carpet materials rug catnip string

Materials needed for your upcycled DIY cat scratching post with carpet:

  1. An old scratching post (alternative ideas included)
  2. Your rug of choice
  3. Pliers to remove loose staples
  4. String, reuse sisal, or needle and thread to secure the rug
  5. Hex key to tighten scratching post screws
  6. Catnip, treats, and toys
old frayed scratching post with sisal rope

An old scratching post

Look how messy that thing is.

Jericho loves to scratch on it. Obviously.

Sisal rope is great for scratching. But, I’m having a tough time finding an untreated sisal rope.

Alternatives if you’re starting from scratch:
  1. Piece of wood
  2. Cardboard boxes
  3. Shipping tube

My rug of choice

I decided to go with a rug because Jericho loves scratching our area rug.

We’re big fans of the Ripple Rug.
  • Made in the US out of recycled plastic bottles
  • Built for scratching
  • Soft on paws
  • Spot clean or machine wash cold on delicate cycle
  • No frayed mess to clean up

Tip: Check out more activity puzzle rugs for cats.

I highly recommend the full Ripple Rug because it’s truly the most versatile activity center for cats.

But, for this project, I used the Ripple Rug’s BOTTOM ONLY.

You’ll have to order the BOTTOM ONLY directly from the Ripple Rug website.

I like using the Ripple Rug BOTTOM ONLY because it’s affordable, and it’s specifically made for cat scratching.

Your rug of choice

Buy a new rug or reuse an old rug.

Regardless, clean the rug before use.

Rugs collect dust. Dust will fly everywhere when your cat scratches.

The dust will get in your cat’s eyes, nose, and mouth after he scratches.

Clean the rugs before use.
scratching post with sisal rope


Remove sisal rope and staples

Most scratching posts use staples to hold the sisal rope in place.

Be careful when you remove the sisal rope.

Staples might pop off and go flying.

Make sure you remove the staples before rolling the rug.

scratching post staples need to be removed
Use pliers to remove loose staples for safety.
cat scratching post base with screws

Remove the post tube from the base

My scratching post is a tube screwed into a base. This is how most scratching posts work.

Remove the post tube from the base by unscrewing it.

Save the screws!
scratching post diy with carpet

Line up the post with the rug

Your rug of choice might be larger than the tube. Mine is.

Line up the bottom of the tube with the rug.

The bottom of the tube is the part that screws into the base of the scratching post.

diy cat scratching post with carpet rolling up tube

Roll the post tube in the rug as tightly as you can.

I had to do this a few times.

Make sure the bottom of the post tube and rug stay flat.
cat scratching on carpet

Alternative ideas

Piece of wood

Use a piece of wood if you have it lying around. Wrap the rug around the wood.

Cats like horizontal scratchers too!

Perhaps your cat scratches a rug you don’t want him to scratch.

Put the horizontal scratcher on top. Next time he scratches the rug, guide him to the appropriate scratcher.

Always reward good behavior with a healthy treat!

Or, secure it to the wall.


You can get creative with cardboard.

I’m sure you have boxes that haven’t made it to the recycling room yet.

Fold the box down and wrap the rug around it for a horizontal scratcher.

You could also secure it to the wall.

Shipping tube

Shipping tubes are generally thicker than paper towel rolls.

You could roll up a shipping tube in a rug.

Use as-is for a kicker scratcher toy.

Or, secure it to the wall or the side of your couch.

secure carpet on scratching post with string

Secure the rug

You can reuse the sisal from the old scratching post. Or, thick string if you have it.

You could also sew the rug.

I used thick string and sisal to secure mine.

Tie the string/sisal tightly around the carpet scratcher.

Any loose ends should be cut off or secured under the string/sisal.
upcycled diy cat scratching post with carpet complete

Screw the post back on the base

Use the screws you saved to secure the post back on the base.

I had to use a hex key to secure the screw.

Always make sure the scratcher is secure before use.

Get your cat to use it

Cats are wary of new things.

You may have to teach your cat how to use it.

Cats need a little guidance when it comes to new stuff.

We know what it is, but they don’t.

If you’re upcycling like me, keep the scratching post in the same spot.

If you created a new scratching post, put it in an area your cat typically scratches.

Final thoughts on upcycled DIY cat scratching post with carpet

Carpet is a much better option for scratching posts.

Sisal rope frays, it’s usually treated with chemicals, and it can be tough on paws.

Always use cat-safe materials for DIY projects.

Chemicals are toxic and not safe to breathe in.

Secure your scratching areas before use.

If your cat isn’t comfortable using it, he won’t use it.

If you decide you’d rather buy a sisal fabric scratching post, I’d suggest Purrfect Post.

purrfect post scratcher
Jericho loved Purrfect Post right away

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