This cat food reviews list features ALL types of cat foods that I’ve ever reviewed.

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I’ve added a column that indicates if the food is human-grade quality and proved that on Susan Thixton’s 2023 list. If it does not say “yes” in that column, it is not on her list.

Cat food reviews are ranked by category from best to worst:

  • Whole prey – Best
  • Homemade raw
  • Frozen raw
  • Freeze-dried raw
  • Wet
  • Dry – Worst

And the cat foods are ranked within each category from best to worst.

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There are more options for those living in the US.

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The star rating comes from the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society’s gold standard diet.

Basically, try to feed your cat as close as possible to his evolutionary diet. And of course, minimal processing and synthetic supplementation are ideal.

Again, the reviews list includes all types of cat food I’ve ever reviewed.

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NOTE: Dry food (no matter who makes it) is not appropriate for cats. Cats cannot survive and thrive on dry food only.

Please only use the dry food recommended if your cat is super picky. The recommended dry foods can help your cat get used to eating better quality ingredients. This will make the transition to wet or raw much easier.

Check out my transition plan: Switch to Raw Blueprint to switch to new foods properly.

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