When Sandra first came to me her two cats, Dirk and Avery, were eating a combination of dry and wet food.

But Sandra knew that dry food was no good for her cats. She wanted to give them the best wet food.

Until she heard about raw food.

“Everything began to make sense, this is what they eat in the wild, and would make them feel their best!!!”

sandra dirk cat testimonial
Dirk, Sandra’s older cat

Dirk, Sandra’s older cat, would eat too fast and regurgitate his food several times a week.

He also gained weight and had trouble jumping to his favorite places. So Sandra was concerned about him getting diabetes.

avery sandra testimonial
Sandra’s baby Avery

Sandra didn’t see any health issues with young Avery.

But both Avery and Dirk were very addicted to dry food. Sandra knew she didn’t want to continue feeding dry food due to all the additives and flavorings that make cats addicted to it.

What Sandra tried before switching to raw

Sandra tried using a timed feeder to slow down Dirk’s eating.

And she considered feeding 100% wet food. But she found that feeding 100% wet food would be more expensive. So she started researching other healthy alternatives.

“I started researching the cost of wet food and other alternatives, and came across the raw diet! Everything just made sense! I was excited to try this, but I knew so little about how to transition them to this diet, and what to give them in the quantities they needed to be healthy.”

How Switch to Raw Blueprint helped Sandra

Sandra purchased my self-paced video course Switch to Raw Blueprint because she didn’t know how to go about raw on her own. She wanted a step-by-step plan to guide her.

Switch to Raw Blueprint video course includes:
  • My signature 4-month PURR plan to transition food
  • Planners, trackers, and charts to track progress
  • Video guides on how to properly feed our cats

The expectations are to help cats transition slowly from dry to wet/raw food. It’s specifically designed for picky (kibble-addicted) cats.

Sandra was able to use the templates that I provide in Switch to Raw Blueprint to plan everything and write her results all in one place.

“This was such an indispensable tool. It eliminated any fears, or questions I had about the transition, making everything feasible, easy to understand and convenient.”

Sandra realized that making food transitions more slowly would help Dirk with his upset tummy. And that this slow transition is necessary for cats who are addicted to dry food.

“Without a very slow transition, my cats never would have been able to change their diet. This was the secret that made the change to raw actionable.”

Switch to Raw Blueprint helped Sandra go from feeding her cats dry and wet food to 100% wet food. And then from there, she was able to add raw and freshly cooked meat to their diet.

Within one month, Dirk became more playful and had more energy. He also lost some weight and is now at a healthy ideal weight.

Avery’s energy went up too, and Sandra didn’t think that was even possible for a young cat.

She also noticed there was less of a carb high after meals when she eliminated dry food.

Sandra felt close to her cats before starting this journey. But her connection and bond with her cats is much stronger now than it was before.

And she knows her cats are getting more of what they need.

“I tell you how much your course to switch to meaty helped me transition my cats Dirk and Avery! We have had a long road going from high quality dry food, and treats that are full of carbs, to an all wet food diet, adding some raw and lightly cooked meat!. I am going to continue to transition them to a raw meaty bones diet! Both Dirk and Avery are getting healthier, have increased energy, are more playful and happy. Dirk, my older cat lost weight, without that goal in mind, just during the transition and is now at a healthy weight! He looks and feels so much better! I love how easy the templates made everything for me. Taking a step at a time made this transition smooth, my cats adjusted with time. No guess work, or long hours trying to figure out a plan. I highly recommend the Switch to raw course, it has changed our lives! Thank you Jess and Jericho for making the raw program affordable so I could use it to change our lives!!”

From Dirk, Avery and their human Sandra!

Dirk and Avery have shown us that it is possible to switch our cats to a raw diet. No matter how addicted they are to dry food!

Our cats just need a little patience and the right plan in place. It’s wonderful to see such amazing results when we feed our cats a species-appropriate raw diet.

We see healthier weights, increased energy, and a stronger bond than we had before.

switch to raw blueprint video course

Ready to switch your cat to a species-appropriate raw diet? Get my proven plan that has helped 200+ picky cats thrive on raw!