Dawna was feeding her clowder a combination of canned food, dehydrated lightly cooked food, and homemade food using a premix and a recipe.

She felt okay about the food. But she was frustrated because canned recipes changed constantly.

dawna's cats
Dawna’s clowder

Dawna’s struggles with commercial food

“With Aster’s food allergies, it was next to impossible to find things he could eat…

“Claes’ reoccurring rodent ulcers was a nightmare as you could never be sure exactly what was in the food so randomly sick cats was always a possibility…

“Zenitsu was a problem child as he was a feral kitten when I brought him home so he only picked at most cat foods, and tried to raid people’s plates for scraps if he didn’t like what was served…

“My three brothers, Tanjiro, Orion and Albie liked canned but after tasting home-cooked food, they started refusing to eat it.”

This is a common issue I hear from a lot of cat parents. It’s difficult to find consistency among commercial brands.

What Dawna tried before switching to homemade

Dawna tried numerous brands of canned foods and kept a journal of any reactions. She was extremely frustrated trying to find something affordable that they could all eat.

“It was even suggested that I put all of them on a hydrolyzed dry diet which was completely unaffordable for six cats.”

This is a common “solution” suggested to us assuming it is the proteins in the food causing the problems.

However, as Dawna found out, it was the chemical preservatives, supplement premixes, and other additives in canned food that were causing health issues with her cats. Not the proteins.

Finally, Dawna decided to go all in on a homemade fresh food diet.

What gave her the push?

“Lack of definite answers, constant pressure to put band aids on the situation instead of looking for the root cause of the problems.”

Dawna had tested homemade cat food premixes before. But she didn’t want to rely on them.

Sometimes ordering premixes can be a pain. Especially when you have many mouths to feed!

Dawna saw some success with grain-free diets. And even more success with homemade food. But she didn’t want to rely on premixes.

That’s when Dawna became a member of my Homemade Cat Food Starter Kit.

How my Homemade Cat Food Starter Kit helped Dawna

Dawna became a member of my Homemade Cat Food Starter Kit course because it was the only class she knew of, and she wanted to do homemade right.

Homemade Cat Food Starter Kit includes:
  • My signature 4-month PURR plan to make homemade cat food properly
  • Planners, trackers, and charts to track progress
  • Complete recipes for adult cats (raw meaty bones, raw boneless, and cooked)

The expectations are to help cats transition from commercial fresh food (either raw or lightly cooked) to a homemade diet.

My course helped Dawna realize that it was okay to slow down and take small steps. There are many ways to feed our cats a homemade diet.

Aster helping himself to some raw meat!

It’s ok if your feeding routine looks different from everyone else’s. You know your cats best. And I empower you to make the best decisions for your individual cat.

Dawna was able to quit stressing and bribing them which helped all of them relax. And to her surprise, Aster dug into raw without her even trying!

dawnas cat aster eating raw food

Dawna discovered that when we relax, our cats relax. And they are more open to trying new foods!

It took about a week or two max for Dawna to see progress.

“Zenitsu has quit picking at his food, Aster no longer vomits after eating, breaks out in hives or pulls out his own fur…

“Claes hasn’t had any more rodent ulcers, is less moody and seems to be more happy in general…

“Tanjiro and Albie turned into chubby active tanks of cats that are surprisingly agile…

“Orion and Zenitsu with their boundless energy have actually gained a little bit of weight and are finally maintaining it.”

It’s truly amazing to see the benefits of a fresh, homemade diet. We see our cats relax, get more energy, maintain a healthy weight, and health issues go away.

“I also got less temperamental attitudes except for Aster and more affectionate kitties that no longer have coarse staticky hair and flaky skin.”

Even more amazing is how our relationship changes…

Dawna now trusts her instincts that her cats need more real food just like her childhood farm cats.

“Jess breaks it down into small steps and takes out the intimidation factor out of making your own cat food. It is money well-spent to get someone to help you troubleshoot problems, walk you through the process and cheer you on every step of the way.”

Dawna also provided some words of encouragement to other cat parents…

“Even if you can’t always do completely homemade and end up supplementing their diet with reconstituted freeze-dried raw or canned food, at least you’ll be able to know what to look for in a good quality cat food and won’t have to settle for bad food for your cats especially if your kitty has allergies, you’ll know how to omit the problematic ingredients and avoid the reactions and meds used to treat them.”

And that’s exactly what I empower you to do: make the best decision for your cat.

Because you should never rely on someone else to tell you what to do for YOUR cat. YOU are your cat’s best advocate.

I’m here to provide the information so you can make the absolute best decision. And share my experiences to cheer you on along the way!

Dawna and her clowder have shown us that our cats need more real, fresh food. Commercial foods are inconsistent and cause more problems than it’s worth.

But homemade food gives us complete control. We control the ingredients, the quality, and how it’s made.

And it’s amazing to see the results of a fresh food diet!

Dawna feels more empowered to know what’s good and what should be avoided for her individual cats. And her cats are healthier because of it!

cat eating homemade raw cat food

Ready to make your cat’s food at home? Get my Homemade Cat Food Starter Kit video course!