The best dog food brands of 2023 have all made it on Susan Thixton’s 2023 list.

That means these dog food brands have proved their ingredients are of human-grade quality, have BPA-free packaging, and batch test for quality.

Most of the dog food brands out there are of low quality and do the opposite of making our dogs healthy.

Consider transitioning to one of these high quality brands to help your dog thrive!

Best dog food brands of 2023:

best dog food brands frenchie puppy pin image

Important: Please read my pet food labels guide to understand why these dog food brands are the best. If you do not understand AAFCO label rules, you do not understand what you’re actually buying.

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Raised Right – Best low-carb wet dog food

Raised Right is formulated by Dr. Karen Becker and Steve Brown.

There are separate products for adult dogs and puppies. And full AAFCO nutrient profiles are available for each individual product.

All of their recipes except for pork have fewer than 4% carbs on a dry matter basis.

And none of their recipes include synthetic supplements – just whole foods!

Buy Raised Right on their website and use code PETS20 to get 20% off your first box.

Just Food for Dogs – Best prescription diet dog food

Just Food for Dogs is made in open USDA kitchens with fresh food ingredients.

They provide non-prescription dog food and prescription diets. Their dog food has actually gone through feeding trials.

just food for dogs

Some of their products are for adult dogs only. And some are for all life stages.

Check the product description under calorie content. You will see: recipe provides complete and balanced nutrition for…

  • Maintenance = adult dogs only
  • All life stages = dogs of all life stages (including puppies)

Their renal support prescription diet has been very helpful for my mom’s English Bulldog. This is an excellent alternative to the nasty dry vet-recommended brands.

Buy Just Food for Dogs with this link and you’ll get 35% off your first auto-ship order.

Just Food for Dogs is also available on Chewy.

Steve’s Real Food – Best freeze-dried raw dog food

Steve’s Real Food is also formulated by Steve Brown. He’s been formulating pet food for decades.

Freeze-dried raw is great for raw beginners. It’s easy to portion and serve. Plus no freezing or thawing is required!

Steve’s freeze-dried raw is formulated with whole food ingredients and no synthetic supplements. He also makes frozen raw dog food.

You might be able to find it locally too!

Or buy Steve’s Real Food online and use code JESSCATICLES to get 20% off your first order.

Viva Raw – Best complete frozen raw dog food

Viva Raw has complete frozen raw food for adult dogs and puppies. Their complete puppy is new!

viva raw dog food

Viva Raw does not use synthetic supplements either. Love those whole-food ingredients!

Their complete recipes are complete. And their pure recipes are base recipes to which you would add your own supplements.

Currently, they have one product that is complete for puppies. But there is protein variety within that product which is perfect.

Use this link to get 20% off your first Viva Raw order. You will notice cat food on that page, but Viva makes food for cats and dogs!

Hare Today – Best homemade raw dog food

Hare Today is a huge raw pet food supplier that has a ton of variety in both proteins and cuts. This is perfect for homemade raw dog food!

hare today ground duck quail

You can buy ground meat, bones, and organs chubs if your dog is new to raw.

Then you can advance to whole chunks of meat and organ, raw meaty bones, and even whole prey.

I’ve been a paying customer of Hare Today since 2019. They also have an excellent rewards program!

Buy Hare Today online. Create an account so you can earn discount points!

Final thoughts on best dog food brands

These dog food brands are the best because they use human-grade quality ingredients, whole foods, and offer protein variety.

Most commercial dog food brands are of low-quality ingredients.

It’s worth the time and cost to upgrade your dog’s diet to one of these brands.

Just remember that dogs are sensitive to dietary changes!

Check out my transition plans to help get your dog on a raw diet the right way. The plan is designed for cats, but the same rules apply to dogs!