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Hey friends, it’s Jess and Jericho!

We help cat parents give their cats a thriving life through fun enrichment and healthy raw diets.

Below you’ll find my best products that fast-track your results!

Cat Care Foundations

PURRfect for you: You’re feeling overwhelmed keeping up with all of your cat’s care needs.
Your cat isn’t interested in playing, the litter box is always messy no matter what you do, and you’re sick of buying cat stuff just to find out your cat likes the boxes more.
All of these Cat Care Foundations are essential before you switch your cat’s food.
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Switch to Raw Blueprint

PURRfect for you: Your cat’s territory is full of enrichment, fun routines, and your bond is stronger than ever.

But you’re struggling to get your cat to eat better.

You’re currently feeding dry and/or wet food. And you need a clear plan to switch to raw.

Switching to 100% commercial raw is essential before feeding a homemade diet.

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Homemade Raw Cat Food 

PURRfect for you: You finally got rid of all dry and wet food in your cat’s diet.

Your cat is currently eating 100% commercial raw.

You want to feed homemade, but you’re afraid of messing it up.

You want to make sure your cat gets everything he needs. 

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